About Keystone & Co.

Dream, Design, Deliver.

Dream your design. Together, we collaborate to develop your ideas. Keystone & Co. delivers your bespoke products.

From the founders who brought you Composition Hospitality, comes our latest iteration. Since 2008, our team has been a leading source for superior quality custom hospitality furniture. We have searched the globe to find the best craftsman and most reliable manufacturing partners anywhere! We have spent a decade and a half developing resources that provide unparalleled capabilities, cutting-edge materials, exceptional value, and best-in-class service. We treat every customer as a partner, and every project as the pinnacle of our portfolio. Our new name for our INTERNATIONAL division epitomizes our mission as the central figure, the KEYSTONE, in ensuring the success of your hospitality projects.

Hospitality Focused Approach

Hospitality is NOT retail! The demands of hospitality environments differ greatly from those of residential settings. While some furniture brands promote the grandiose scale of their overseas facilities as a strength, Keystone & Co. factories are smaller, nimbler, and hospitality specific. Our foreign partner facilities are keenly interested in the success of our jobs.  Flexibility is inherent in our ethos, providing us the ability to pivot quickly to accommodate the whims of our design-driven business.

Keystone & Co. utilizes the most advanced materials and finishes available to withstand the rigor of high-traffic environments.  Enhancing designers’ envisioned items with appropriate materials and superior engineering (for hospitality use) remains a hallmark of our mission, while providing value for end-users.

Baked into Keystone’s DNA is an agile approach to manufacturing.  We work with best-in-breed specialists on any items produced outside our facilities, then obsessively manage the process with our QC experts who occupy these workspaces during production.  All projects are brought to our workshop for final inspection, packing and shipping. This strategy allows us to work in a vast array of mediums from wood, metal, upholstery, stone, glass, GRC, resin-weave, faux-wood, WPC, and much more.

We continually search for new materials, including advancements in green and sustainable options. From concept to delivery and beyond, our team is dedicated to your satisfaction.

The International Side of the Composition

Keystone & Co. works in lockstep with our EXCLUSIVE manufacturing partners in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Through years of trial and error, we have perfected a second-to-none team of professionals who are dedicated to the quality of our products and the professional management of your projects.

While some furniture brands promote the grandiose scale of their Asian facilities as a strength, these factories deal in much larger production volumes than even the largest hospitality project, therefore the reality is these companies have little interest in our unique sector.  They typically plan their cumbersome, large-scale production around seasonal ordering patterns, do not use materials and finishes required to stand up to the high traffic environments of hospitality, while lacking flexibility to quickly pivot to accommodate the whims of our design driven business.

Our Team

Christian Lloyd

Christian Lloyd

Principal / Chief Resource Officer
Jeff Luchonok

Jeff Luchonok

Principal / Chief Service Officer
Susan Norred

Susan Norred

Senior Project Manager
Thomas Hopson

Thomas Hopson

Project Manager
James Briscoe

James Briscoe

Customer Concierge
Caroline Inzano

Caroline Inzano

Accounting Specialist
Dapne Cabili

Dapne Cabili

Project Coordinator

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Northern California and Pacific Northwest

Tara Siders Hornsby
+1 (773) 383-7287

Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia:

Lynda Welte
+1 (301) 467-5951

Southern California

Tom O’Connor
+1 (562) 822-4623


Susan Curlee Varga
+1 (407) 770-7849

Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Iowa

Tom Brassell
Brassell Design Consultants
+1 (773}-480-7031

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